“The Kennedy Detail” – Inaccuracy perpetuated

I purchased this book and read it recently hoping to get the inside on the protective agents. What a disappointment. This book in which the Secret Service agents assigned to the “Kennedy detail” speak for the first time simply covers-up and perpetuates inaccuracies of the past. Here are examples using excerpts from the book,

“By the time the motorcade reached the stretch of roadway where the assassination occurred, however, agents could no longer ride on the fenders, Blaine says.”We were going into a freeway, and that’s where you take the speeds up to 60 and 70 miles an hour. So we would not have had any agents there anyway,” he said.”
Facts- The motorcade was traveling 10-11 mph in Dealey Plaza. There should have been agents on the car. In fact the car had come to almost a complete stop by the time of the fatal head shot (likely the fourth or fifth shot).
“There’s no question in my mind he (Oswald) was the assassin,” Hill says. “I was there. I know what happened.”
Fact – Clint Hill and the motorcycle patrolman to the left rear of Kennedy were both splattered with blood and brain tissue from the head shot that came from the front of Kennedy. Scientific evidence done by a noted physicist, G. Paul Chambers in his book, “Head Shot” published in 2010, proves conclusively the kill shot to the head came from the Grassy Knoll to the right front of Kennedy. Respectfully Mr. Hill you were there, but as a participant you don’t know the whole truth of what occurred, so why state so emphatically you do.
The book does admit the Secret Service did not take the threats against Kennedy seriously, and that tall buildings along the motorcade route were not monitored or screened.
These agents also confirm that there were not any Secret Service agents on the ground in Dealey Plaza that day. The question then arises, Who were the men who produced Secret Service ID when stopped and questioned on the Grassy Knoll after the assassination by police and witnesses? The police allowed them to leave when they produced this false ID.
My impression of the book is this, it is an interesting collection of memories of working in Kennedy’s protective detail during his presidency. The agents still have not come clean about the drinking parties the night before the assassination, and the failure to follow proper procedure during the motorcade. Documents show Kennedy did not order the agents to stay off his car and drop back from their proper locations.
The Secret Service has a systemic problem – they refuse to believe a president has ever or could ever be killed by a conspiracy. They hang on to the lone nut scenario. Until this attitude is cleansed from the organization, this is likely to happen again.

6 Responses to “The Kennedy Detail” – Inaccuracy perpetuated

  1. Jeff says:

    Furthermore, bullet fragments impacted the inside of the dashboard and made a hole. To do that – the shot had to come from the back. In addition, the bullet fragments found in the limo were ballistically matched to Oswalds rifle found on the 6th floor. Ballistic matches are irrefutable evidence so it’s nonsense to state, in the face of that rock solid, irrefutable evidence, that the kill shot came from the front.

    In addition – 5 witnesses saw the shooter in the 6th floor window making the last shot and 2 witnesses in the window below the sniper window hears all 3 shots come from above and the building even shook from teh shots and paint flakes from the windowsill fell in their hhair.

  2. Jeff says:

    It is pure rubbish that the head shot came from the front. The person who wrote that book did it simply for the money and is not a forensic expert nor an expert in gunshot wounds. The wc as well as hsca, church committee, rockfeller committed forensic panels of top experts all proved the shot came from the back. The skull was beveled on the inside in front and outside in back – proof of shot from the back. There were 10 top forensic experts on the hsca paneal and there is no question the shot was from the back.

    Jfk’s head moves FORWARD before the jet effect of the guts being blown out TOWARDS THE OVERPASS force him back. Also – HE LOST HALF HIS BRAIN – the part that controls body movement so that the muscle’s spasmed and threw him back. It’s been proven bullets do NOT throw a body in any direction except maybe a fraction. This is demonstrated on film with a dummy body being shot – it barely moves.

    Frame 313 of the Zapruder shows pieces of the skull and brain matter being rocketed TOWARDS THE OVERPASS.

    “Some” brain matter and blood got on the back of the car as it was MOVING FORWARD as were the motorcycle cops and the DROVE INTO the blood cloud that can be seen 15 feet above jfk and so it came down as the vehicles moved forward. In addition the jet effect and muscle spasms and acceleration of the car caused jfk to fly backwards which also would have sent “some” matter to the back.

    Witnesses to the limo at Parkland Hospital ALL SAID the vast majority of the brain and blood matter in the limo was TO THE FRONT indicating a shot from the back.

    It is NOT totally true that there were no other sservice agents in dealy plaza. The military had people on the ground who were working FOR the sservice and that is who showed the credentials and said that they were sservice.

    In addition – if you believe Tosh Plumlee – the cia had 19 agents on the ground that day in an “abort” attempt.

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  4. K.M. Weiland says:

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of this book. I’ve been thinking about the Kennedy assassination here lately, but I think I’ll be giving this book a miss.

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