Collecting Airmail

6c Transport cover returned because serviceman was deceased.

6c Transport cover returned because serviceman was deceased.

Airmail was a special service provided by postal services. I say was because in this modern era most mail is routinely sent via air. Prior to the 1970s airmail was a premium service that cost more and was handled separately from the normal mail stream.

I collect and exhibit airmail covers (envelopes) that have actually traveled through the mails. I do not collect First Day of Issue Covers or Event Covers or First Flight Covers as these are contrived for collectors for the most part.

Although I am Canadian I am interested in U.S. airmail almost exclusively. I collect by issue and then usages (uses), rates, and destinations. Some of the airmail issues/series I collect are:

  • 6c Transport Airmail Issue of 1941 – 44 (Scott C25, C25a coil) – this is my primary area of expertise.
  • Jet Plane & Globe Issue of 1976 (Scott C89 and C90) 25c and 31c denomination
  • Scenic American Landscape International Rate Issue of 1999 – 2012
  • Canada War Issue Airmail Stamps of 1942-43: Rates & Usages (Scott C7 and C8)

ScenicAmer_2008Chile80x3I am a member of the American Air Mail Society , the American Philatelic Society , the Auxiliary Markings Club , the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors,  the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, and British North American Society.

I have also contributed a regular column, Via Airmail, to The Stamp Insider  a bi-monthly philatelic magazine. At present this publication is on hiatus.

Steve B. Davis


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