Genealogy or Family History is an interest of mine. I’ve been actively researching my paternal and maternal side of the family for over 15 years now. During this time I’ve accomplished much but it seems there is always another mystery to solve.

Out of this interest in genealogy I’ve honed my research skills and applied them to other areas of my writing and collecting. This skill has proved invaluable.

Both my mother’s and my father’s families came to Canada from England so my experience is with researching Canadian and British records. So far I’ve traced and documented both families back to the early 1800s in England. Here are the basics of the two main famiy lines I’m concentrating on:

DAVIS: This is Dad’s family.
Lived and worked in West Bromwich and Tipton, Staffordshire, England. Traced my great-great-great grandfather back to 1830 in West Bromwich. Tipton later merged with West Bromwich. Area is known for coal mining and steel production and was nicknamed the Black Country for the industrial pollution it generated.

Grandfather George A. Davis was sent to Canada in June 1900 as a Middlemore Child (British Home Child). He was indentured to farm Jim Miller in Dumfries, New Brunswick, Canada at age 11 years.

SENDELL: This is Mom’s family.
This is an unusual surname which has one major benefit it makes research easier.
Great-great grandfather Cuthbert Sendell from Wellington, Somerset. Born 1844, married to Mary Fry, immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1872. Most descendents still live in the area. Grandfather Cuthbert Henry “Bert” Sendell served in World War I in Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC).

For those interested in genealogy let me know if you have questions or need some help. I can help get you started. I am experienced in the following areas,

  • English records – census, BMD, local histories.
  • Canadian records – census, BMD, immigration records.
  • World War I military records of Canada.

I’m willing to answer or assist with basic questions for no charge, however should you wish research or more advanced questions answered they will be a charge. This will depend on time required.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Be kind.

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