The Twins are Five Today

February 20, 2009
Girls with big brother.

l to r. Olivia, Damian, Claire

Claire and Olivia are five years old today. I just can’t believe it. The time has gone by so quickly.

(Left: One of my favorite pics of them. This was a while back. They’re much bigger now.)

Seems like only yesterday the precious girls came into the world to join our family.

Big brother Damian pesters them like all brothers, but he sure likes playing with them.

Claire is a bit of a tomboy, and Olivia is the girly girl. Claire was baby A and Olivia baby B on the ultrasounds and that’s how they were born. Baby A first, then Baby B a minute later.

The first 3 months were the hardest, no sleep and constant attention. You would think maybe with two they would wake and feed at different times. No way! These girls had to do everything together at the same time. They were feeding every two hours for the first several weeks. Mom and Dad both would try to sleep for two hours, then get up change and feed them, this usually took an hour or more. Thank goodness Damian, big brother, is a good sleeper.

I used my lunch hour at work to catch some zzzz. Good thing too otherwise I’d have been a complete wreck.

Now at five, they play together and are very independent. Sure they squabble, but isn’t that what brothers and sisters do. They’re in kindergarten, in different classes, and are really maturing. Other activites both take part in include Sparks (scouting for girls), and ballet.

Friends and Neighbors

February 19, 2009
President Obama & Prime Minister Harper

President Obama & Prime Minister Harper

President Obama’s first foreign trip as president took place today when he came to Ottawa, the Canadian capital. No matter your politics the leader of 300 million Americans met the leader of 34 million Canadians for the first time.

Canada and the United States share a 4,000 mile border. The last time hostilities took place across this border was the War of 1812. We are fast friends, allies, and trading partners.

– Canada is fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban who sheltered Bin Laden and his terrorists.
– Canada took in the many grounded passengers as result of the 9/11 order to ground airliners.
– Canada’s ambassador to Iran helped get Americans out of the country during the revolution.
– Canada and the United States were allies in two World Wars and the Korean conflict.

These are just some of the examples of our friendship and mutual respect.

As countries we have much in common, but like all friendships there will always be some differences. Our countries are both stable and thriving democracies. Best of all we are true friends. As a Canadian with American links I’m proud of the Can/Am relationship.

Lincoln’s Body

February 18, 2009
Lincoln's coffin (replica)

Lincoln's coffin (replica)

Even in death Abraham Lincoln didn’t rest in peace, at least until his tomb was completed. After his shooting at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC on April 14, 1865 and subsequent death on April 15, 1865 his body was borne by train to Springfield, Illinois where it was interred. The tomb as it is today was completed in 1874.

For years after he was buried in Springfield numerous attempts were made to steal his body. The family kept moving the body around within the crypt to foil the thieves.

The most serious attempt was by a gang of Chicago criminals in 1876. They actually got the coffin out and were attempting to move it when the Secret Service swooped in and arrested them. The coffin was replaced. The motive was to kidnap the body and ask the government for ransom.


Lincoln's Tomb today

Finally Robert Todd Lincoln, Abe’s only surviving child decided to cover the coffin with cement in the crypt to put an end to the foolishness. This was done in 1901. The day of the cement pour Robert Todd Lincoln wasn’t present. The workers decided to open the coffin before encasing it forever. They wanted to make sure Lincoln’s body was actually still there. So they lifted the top half of the coffin exposing Lincoln. According to witnesses he appeared very life-like with very little decomposition having occurred. This was written up in Life Magazine in 1963. A 13 year old boy, Fleetwood Lindley, was the last person to see Lincoln before the coffin lid was closed. He then helped them lower Lincoln into the crypt and the cement was poured. Lindley died February 1, 1963. Three days before he died he was interviewed.

Lincoln, his wife Mary Todd Lincoln and three of their four sons are interred inside the tomb. Robert Todd Lincoln is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The Lincoln Tomb receives more than one million visitors each year. The figure is likely to be considerably more in this year, the bicentennial of his birth.

Own a Piece of Lincoln History

February 12, 2009

New Lincoln Stamps

If you want an interesting souvenir of Lincoln’s bicentennial just visit your local post office and ask for these stamps.

They were issued February 9, 2009 in four designs depicting various stages of Lincoln’s life. The cost is 42c each. First day of issue was Springfield, IL, but the stamp is now on sale nationwide.

Design details:
Upper left – Lincoln as a rail splitter
Upper right – Lincoln practicing law
Lower left – Lincoln debating Stephen Douglas in the senate race of 1858
Lower right – Lincoln as president during the Civil War

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