Avalanche results. Photo Jeff Bassett/CP/Pool

This past weekend in Revelstoke, British Columbia the “Stupids” were at it again.

A mob of snowmobilers were out on a snowpacked mountain in the Rockies “extreme high marking” . This involves running a high-powered machine up a steep hill turning on the top, or as high as they make it. Then they rocket down the hill to the bottom. This is a prime way to set off an avalance.

In this case a 30 foot wall of snow and ice came barrelling down the hill sweeping away 150 machines and riders.

The final toll of two killed and over 30 injured, some critically, in the end appears fortunate. Fortunate that many more weren’t killed as a result of this foolishness.

The two men killed were in their thirties and left behind wives and young children. All this for an adrenaline rush. These men were intelligent, hard-working individuals. Why would they risk it all for a short-lived thrill. Now their families have to cope without them. Wives have no husbands and children have no father. I rest my case.

3 Responses to Avalanche

  1. Karen Dingwall says:

    It said on the news last night that the cost of these search & rescue expeditions for back country adventurers is becoming prohibitive and govts cannot continue to pay the high cost.

    • stamperdad says:

      Yes I heard something on that too. Seems government paid $100K to bring out the snow machines alone. Ridiculous. If I wreck my car I pay the tow. Bill these folks and that may end up policing the entire problem. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Goldenrod says:

    Sad, Steve, so sad.

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