Spectacular Alberta

December 18, 2011

Athasbasca River looking north. Photo by Jeffery Wallace

Today I am sharing a photo of Alberta, Canada my home province. The shot was taken today by a friend of mine, Jeffery Wallace. I love his photos and follow his travels via Facebook. I just had to share this with my readers. Incredible beauty!

Merry Christmas to all my followers

December 24, 2010

Bison charge in Yellowstone- photo Wm Albert Allard

Here is a beauty of a photo from the National Geographic website. Photographer is William Albert Allard.

It shows a charge of American Bison through the snow of Yellowstone National Park in winter.

All the best to my readers and commenters.

Winter in Calgary

December 7, 2009

My Neighborhood this weekend.

No wonder my American friends call us the Great White North. We had a major blizzard hit this past Friday and it lasted all weekend. A city of over one million brought to a stand-still. Along with the snow came the cold weather. Last night the overnight low as – 29 C. Today we’re having a scorcher at – 21 C. It took me two hours to get from my suburban home to the office in the downtown core. The usual commuting time is 35 minutes.

Snow Somewhere Else Besides Here

September 30, 2009

ColoradoSnowSept2009Living up here in the Great White North – Canada, I always enjoy seeing somewhere else get that early snowfall.

So for all my American friends here is a photo of snow in Colorado on September 29th.

Here in Calgary, Alberta it is getting cooler but still well above freezing and definitely no snow. Unfortunately my time will come, but in the meantime I have this photo to show it could be worse.

Global Warming My Ass!

December 22, 2008
Montreal Winter (CP photo)

Montreal Winter (CP photo)

I say bring global warming on. We in the great white north (Canada) could sure use some. The photo is of Montreal, but all of Canada is getting the cold stuff right now.

When you look at this picture be thankful you live somewhere warm. Me I’m thankful I have an indoor job.

Animals really are smarter than people. Bears and others hibernate all winter, and birds fly south.

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