When Moose Fly!

May 13, 2009
Adult moose

Adult moose

“But officer really he fell out of the sky and landed right in front of me.” I can just see the look of consternation on the officer’s face as he was taking that report.

Sound farfetched?  No it really happened in Clinton, Maine southwest of Bangor along Interstate Highway 95.

Seems a 500 pound moose leapt the guardrail at the wrong place (an overpass of I-95) and fell 18 feet to the highway below. Did he get hit by a car or truck? Hell no, the fall killed him. A motorist was stopped under the overpass at the time and witnessed the moose’s demise. He immediately swore off drinking (just kidding).

Moral of the story for Bullwinkles (moose), look before you leap.


Life is a Cartoon Sometimes

September 16, 2008

Now for something completely different. Apparently a woman from Pennsylvania was petting her neighbor’s cat, or at least that’s what she thought. This is a story right out of a Warner Bros. cartoon. Reminds me of Pepe Le Pew the little skunk who always mistakes cats for female skunks.

Turns out the “cat” was actually a skunk! Needless to say she got a good dose of a not so nice cologne. Not only that but the skunk ran into her house and wouldn’t leave.

Animal control eventually removed the animal. Moral of the story – be familiar with North American wildlife.

Gator Aid: Stay Out of the Fridge

April 24, 2008

Some people will do almost anything to keep the kids out of the fridge. This photo accompanied a recent article in the news.

Seems that this full size alligator got into a woman’s house in Florida and headed straight for the kitchen. Gators must be intelligent creatures. This one obviously knew where the food was.

Anyway all ended well. Animal control came and took the beast away. I’m willing to bet if she visits the kitchen in the middle of the night she’ll flip the lights on, just to make sure fridge security is no longer in place.

Photo: Associated Press

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