Empty Nesters – Get a Monkey Baby

October 5, 2009
Rhesus monkey - your next child?

Rhesus monkey - your next child?

Last evening on “The Learning Channel” (TLC) they had a show about people who adopt Rhesus monkeys and raise them and treat them as if they were human children. One man’s quote floored me, “Don’t call her a monkey, she’s my daughter”!

Seems most of the people doing this are empter nesters, those whose children have grown up and left home. They just couldn’t get enough of bottles and diapers so now having these monkeys gives them that forever.

One couple tried to take theirs into a restaurant and were denied access, they didn’t allow animals into the establishment.

So for all you empty nesters out there looking to carry on nurturing adopt one. They cost $4500 and if you get tired of it, send it to a zoo.

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