Haiti – Please Help!

January 15, 2010

Father with dead daughter

As a father of four daughters this news photo touched me deeply. We need to help these people.

Check your local agencies, make sure you pick a reputable one, and then give what you can.

China’s 50,000 Earthquake Victims: More Than Numbers

May 15, 2008

News reports numb us. The massive earthquake that hit China’s southwest provinces on Monday May 12th is just one example. We find it hard to imagine what it all means. Visualize a city of 50,000 people in Canada or the United States. Now imagine all the population being killed within a few minutes. Sobering isn’t it.

All of the 50,000 had families and stories behind their lost lives. I cry for the children especially. One minute they were in class revelling in the joy of learning, the next they were dead or severely injured as their schools came crashing down on them.

Here are some pictures from Reuters that tell the real story without words. Look at them and say a prayer for their young lives lost. Then when you read the reports of such disasters know the human tragedy is not just a number.

Feet of dead school children in wreckage.

Backpack placed next to schoolchild killed in quake.

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