Canada-US Relations: One Canadian`s view.

January 31, 2016

US-Canada border Vanceboro, Maine and St. Croix, New Brunswick. US to left.

God here we go again Americans are worried about Canada allowing so many Syrian refugees into our country right next door to them. My American friends Canada is an independent country capable of managing our own affairs. We are concerned about terrorism and security the same as you are.

Let me make one thing crystal clear to my American friends and neighbours. Contrary to what the fearmongers in your country preach the 9/11 terrorists did NOT enter the United States of American via Canada. They arrived via Boston’s Logan International Airport right under the noses of your security. Read that again okay just so you get it.

Canada has been America’s steadfast ally through World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War and Afghanistan. Our servicemen and women have died fighting alongside your forces. Our Canadian embassy in Iran rescued Americans during the Iranian crisis or the 1970s. Watch the movie Argo we saved your asses.

Sure we have our differences, but we have too many common beliefs and interests. Americans should be thankful they have us as next door neighbours. I haven’t seen pictures of hordes of Canadians trying to sneak across the US-Canadian boundary to seek a better life like along your southern border with Mexico.

I am proud of the fact that my country Canada is a compassionate and caring country toward it own citizens and to others. Refugees and others immigrating legally to Canada are becoming valuable citizens who are contributing to the building of our country. Multi-Culturalism in Canada is one of our key beliefs and Canada is better for it.

As for the current Syrian refugee situation we are bringing a large number to our country subject to extensive vetting and security screening. First we are only allowing families at this time, no single persons. The refugees are vetted via the United Nations agencies initially and then our own security screening overseas before they are approved. Once approved they are screened further upon arrival in Canada before being released within Canada. Once here they are monitored and supported by government and individuals. Canadians have embraced these families. They are already contributing to our society.  Remember these are people who have lived under constant threat of death and torture in their home country. They are not terrorists, they are fleeing terrorism. They are incredibly thankful to be able to live normal lives safe from war.

Canadians are concerned with the apparent rise of fascism and the lack of compassion that seems to be on the rise in your great country. It is unbelievable to me and most Canadians that the United States seems to not care. This is not the America that I know. I have many friends in the US and for my entire life have enjoyed visiting and interacting with them.

Canada and the United States share a continent and the longest common border in the world. Undefended yes, but not unmonitored. I believe and hope our close friendship will continue. I believe the majority of Americans value our friendship. Maybe I’m naive, but we are brothers and sisters. Together we are stronger if we lose this unique relationship both of us will be the poorer for it.

Extreme drug smuggling.

May 9, 2014

Smugglers attempting to get illegal drugs across the Mexican border into the United States have begun using exotic and extreme methods. The construction of the new, secure fence along the border has forced them to get smart or lose money.

Some of the methods employed to cross the US/Mexico border include, tunnels, ultra-light aircraft, catapults, ramps, and cranes. Tunnels are dug under the border and can be as long as several miles. They can remain hidden for months, even years until someone tips the Border Patrol.

Ultra-light aircraft fly across the border at low altitudes, usually at night, drop a package of drugs in a field, then return without landing or being detected.

Catapults similar to those used in ancient times to besiege castles are rolled up to the border fence at night and packages of drugs flung across the border to waiting dealers.

Even portable ramps are placed across the fence, then a vehicle is driven across loaded with drugs. Once across the fence the vehicle disappears into the night.

One of the latest methods employs portable cranes to lift cars or trucks loaded with drugs across the fence at night. By the time this is discovered the smugglers are long gone.

The only thing the new fence along the US/Mexico border does is slow the smugglers down. The smugglers learn to innovate quickly to ensure the flow of drugs and money does stop. It takes all the ingenuity and resources of the Border Patrol to keep pace with them and their sometimes bizarre methods of crossing.

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