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December 24, 2010

Bison charge in Yellowstone- photo Wm Albert Allard

Here is a beauty of a photo from the National Geographic website. Photographer is William Albert Allard.

It shows a charge of American Bison through the snow of Yellowstone National Park in winter.

All the best to my readers and commenters.

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump – Alberta, Canada

September 25, 2009
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Just south of Calgary, where I live, there is a significant historic site.

It’s called Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and it’s a World Heritage Site as designated by UNESCO.

The site was in use for over 10,000 years by Native Americans.

The bison (buffalo) herds were driven into a chute by the Natives on the top of the cliff and forced over the cliff. When they hit the bottom they died or were severely wounded. Natives at the bottom finished off the survivors and then butchered them. The tribe had food to last the long hard winter. Every part of the bison was used. Nothing was wasted.

At the site there is a great interpretative centre manned by First Nations people who convey their heritage and history to visitors.

The illustration is a Canadian stamp issued a few years ago to draw attention to it and other historic sites in Canada.

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