Murder most foul.

April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016
Calgary, Alberta

Murder trio are sentenced to life for murder of young father Ryan Lane.

Sheena Cuthill-Rempel, her husband Tim Rempel and his brother William Rempel convicted of first-degree murder earlier this week in the murder of young father Ryan Lane were sentenced today to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

The victim Ryan Lane, 24 years of age, was the father of the child he and Sheena had from their relationship. He was murdered and his body burned in a trash barrel in 2012. The three plotted and carried out his killing as a simple way to solve the custody dispute.

Obviously this is not the way to settle custody disputes. Many mechanisms exist to settle disputes resulting from marital break-ups, murder should not be one of them. It never ceases to amaze me how barbaric and evil humans can be when relationships go bad.

For whatever rationale these three twisted scum decided to kill another human being to settle a custody dispute. The mother, her new husband and his brother took it upon themselves to kill the father of the woman’s child rather than deal in a civilized way with custody. As a result the father is dead, the three are in prison for life, and the child is left motherless and fatherless. This will affect the child and other family for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps more education and publicity needs to be done to make society aware of free services available to them in times of conflict and marital troubles. It’s not obvious if it would have helped in this case, but maybe it would help others make better decisions. Criminal minds being what they are, small and shallow, it’s likely it wouldn’t have changed the mindset of these evil individuals. At least they won’t be a part of society for a long, long time if ever again.

This was murder most foul and for such a senseless reason. Prayers and thoughts to the young child and her family.

Gun violence in Calgary.

November 6, 2015


Calgary has seen a epidemic of gun violence this week and over the last few months, yet Canada has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world so what is happening. It sure isn’t the legitimate gun owners who are the problem.

For a Canadian to possess a gun they must complete a safety course and have a background check. Those with criminal records are not allowed to own guns. Having the proper approvals they must present the documentation at the time of the purchase. Guns can be sold only through licensed dealers and not at flea markets. Even private sales have to meet this criteria. Gun owners are required to notify the police of a transfer of ownership. This applies to rifles and shotguns. Military weapons, machine guns, full automatics and others are completely restricted. Handguns are totally restricted unless a person has a special permit to have one. These are extremely difficult to obtain. Gun owners are also required to keep guns properly stored under lock and key. Ammunition must be stored separately under lock and key.

Well I hate to tell you this but bad guys aren’t going to get permits to have guns. I can see it now. Joe Gangmember getting ready to do a drive-by shooting tells his boss gee I need to get a permit otherwise the hit is off. God forbid I go stick-up that bank without proper permits. Yeah right.

Simple Answer – keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. That`d be a start. Easier said than done, but we have to try. How to do that is a big question, but the police and justice system better start figuring a way. We are reverting to our wild west days and someone is going to get hurt or killed besides the bad guys. You know when it comes right down to it I don’t care if bad guys kill bad guys, that’d be a good thing, but the bullets fly in public places and hurt innocent people. So unless we can get the bad guys to kill each other in a private place away from the public we need a solution.

The bad guys get guns from two main sources. First from break-ins or thefts from homes and businesses where there are firearms. Second from other criminals who smuggle them in from the neighbouring USA where gun laws are much looser. Handguns are easy to obtain in the USA. It is illegal to bring them into Canada, but that is obviously happening and on a large scale. Every once in a while we read of a seizure of guns at the border crossings, but the authorities can`t catch them all. So here`s some suggestions for the police and justice system.

Potential solutions to these shootings in the city,
– increase scrutiny at the border crossings.
– charge gun owners who don`t store firearms and ammo properly.
– clamp down on break and enters, especially where firearms are known to have been taken.
– concentrate police resources on criminals known to use firearms.
– deny bail to those who use firearms in the commission of a crime
– increase penalties to perps who use firearms in the commission of a crime.

We need answers. Do you have any ideas? I`d love to hear them.

Canadian Political Assassination: Thomas D’Arcy McGee, 1868

February 4, 2008

thomasdarcymcgee_pubdomain.jpgThomas D’Arcy McGee, Member of the Canadian Parliament, was attending a late night session of the House of Commons on April 7, 1868. D’Arcy, as he was more commonly known, had just finished delivering a passionate speech to the House on national unity.

McGee was walking home to his rooming house on Sparks Street in the capital, Ottawa, after his speech. His thoughts were on leaving politics and returning to public life. He had told his friends of his plans. Tired, McGee was looking forward to turning in for the night. It had been a long day. (Above: Thomas D’Arcy McGee)

mcgee_assasin_gun.jpgHe put his hand on the doorknob and was just entering his refuge, when someone shot him point-blank from behind. Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Canadian patriot, died instantly. He became the victim of the first Canadian political assassination.

(Above, right: The murder weapon)

Thomas was born April 13, 1825 in Carlingford, Ireland. In 1842 the family left Ireland and arrived in Boston where he joined the staff of the Boston Pilot. Within two years he was the editor and began supporting Irish independence from Britain. He worked to protect the rights of Irish immigrants to America., and also supported American annexation of the British Colony of Canada.

After a stint back in Ireland, he moved to Montreal, Canada in 1857 at the request of the large Irish community in that city. There he became the editor of the New Era which promoted independence for Canada from Britain. He no longer supported American annexation of Canada.

He became one of the father’s of Canada’s Conferation and a hated enemy of the Fenian’s. This was a group of radical Irish republicans who were against an independent Canada. With his strong support of Canadian nationalism he alienated large sections of the Irish community in Canada and elsewhere.

patrickwhelan_assassin_pubdomain.jpgPatrick James Whelan was arrested for McGee’s murder and it was widely believed that McGee was killed as part of a Fenian plot. Whelan was convicted and hanged for McGee’s assassination. However, during the trial the prosecution never accused Whelan of being a Fenian, nor did Whelan acknowledge being connected to the group. (Right: The accused assassin Whelan)

Today many historians believe Whelan was wrongfully convicted. The government needed a scapegoat and Whelan fit the bill. The evidence against him was sketchy and he denied his guilt all the way to the gallows.

Further Reading:
“The Trial of Patrick J. Whelan for the Murder of Thomas McGee.” reported by George Spaight for the Ottawa Times, 1868.

“The Honorable Thos. D’Arcy McGee: a sketch of his life and death.” by Fennings Taylor, Montreal, John Lovell, 1868

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How Not to Stop Killer Drivers

December 12, 2007

ab-colin_jones.jpgYou’ll have to forgive me if I am a little angry today. This post concerns the sickness of our Canadian justice system especially related to its handling of drunk drivers. To the left is one of the typical scumbag killer drivers – Colin Jones, the man with no remorse. Free as a bird while his young victim lies in the cold ground. (photo: CBC, Alberta)

There’s lots of talk in the media about how to stop drunk drivers. The talk is of more police checkstops and installing devices on the cars of repeat offenders that would prevent them from starting the vehicle until they blow a breathlizer device with the appropriate blood alcohol level. These don’t work. The police already stop the drivers, but when they get to court the justice system slaps them on the wrist and lets them go.

Case in point. Colin Jones is a killer-driver, who less than seven months after he was sentenced for the hit-and-run death of a 20 year old woman in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been paroled. He struck and killed Lindsay Giacomelli in a crosswalk on March 17, 2005. He then left the scene of the accident. He drove home ordered a pizza and watched a pay-per-view movie. All of this designed I am sure to give him an alibi. Later he took his vehicle to another town and intentionally drove it into a light post to cover the damage. He reported this accident, again in a premeditated attempt to cover-up his actions. He was finally arrested in another city on a plane bound for London, England attempting to leave the country.

In court he denied everything and said he had no memory of the accident because of pills he was taking. What a pile of bullshit! The judge imposed the harshest punishment ever given a motorist for leaving the scene of an accident. That sentence was 30 months in jail. Although he was clearly drunk this was never proven in court because he left the scene.

Now seven months later this scumbag is released on parole, not only that he will have full parole on March 15, 2008. Meanwhile Lindsay and her family will never have parole from this tragedy. Colin Jones on the other hand has shown no remorse and paid no true penalty. He will get to go on with his life. If there is justice somewhere along the way Mr. Jones himself will be taken from us.

Want to stop drunk drivers from killing your children and your spouse? Throw them in jail for a very long time. There is no difference between killing someone with your vehicle while impaired then shooting or stabbing them. No more excuses. Catch them, prosecute them, and jail them. We are all tired of these crimes being treated as minor transgressions.

Update: Mountie Killer Caught

October 12, 2007

As an update to my post of a couple of days ago. The accused killer of Constable Worden was captured Friday October 12 in a low-income housing complex in Edmonton, Alberta. He was apprehended without incident and appeared unharmed as he was taken away in a police cruiser.

Now if the justice system will only work.

Cop Killer? Manhunt on for career criminal.

October 10, 2007


WANTED: Emrah Bulatci for the Murder of Police Officer John Worden

Here we go again another criminal with a lengthy criminal record is released by the justice system. Guess what? This time it came back to bite them and hard.

Constable John Worden of the RCMP detachment in Hay River, Northwest Territories paid the price for the justice system’s lax handling of these criminals.

Early Saturday morning October 6, 2007 Constable Worden was responding to a noise complaint in an area of Hay River known to be a hot-bed of crack cocaine and meth activity. He responded alone, apparently at his own choice. A few minutes later he was shot dead, most likely at the hands of Emrah Bulatci, 23. 

Bulatci was known to the RCMP and was arrested many times previously for drug and weapons charges. He was released on bail. Subsequent to that he was arrested again for breaking his conditions of bail. Was he then held without bail? No he was released again.

As this is written there is a major manhunt for Bulatci in Northern Alberta. His hometown is High Level but he has also lived previously in Edmonton and St. Albert, Alberta. Police consider him armed and dangerous. Too bad the courts didn’t.

Now Constable Worden’s family must suffer the consequences. Our hearts go out to his wife and young child.

Please if anyone has seen this individual contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police immediately. Let’s hope that this time the court system comes down hard on Bulatci.


Above: location map of Hay River, NWT downloaded from their official site.

No Consequences – Justice System Undermines Police

September 14, 2007

“Justice minister denies province ‘soft’ on crime”

(My comments on an article by Colette Derworiz, published in Calgary Herald, Saturday, September 8, 2007)

 The Alberta Justice Minister Ron Stevens was defending his jurisdiction’s record on law and order in the article.  Specifically here in Calgary, a rapidly growing city of one million persons, he is quite frankly full of bulls**t.

City police in their recent crackdown on gang activity in Calgary arrested 19 known gang members, all of whom have long criminal records.  I give full credit to the police force for their efforts.  However, the justice system in their so-called wisdom released 16 of the 19 back to the streets within hours to resume their criminal activity. Sure hope that they visit the neighborhood of the judge in this case.  Perhaps they can give him a first hand lesson in street crime. The justice system is so removed from the reality of street crime that I am sure they must be living on another planet far, far away.

Another example of this dreamland mentality:

Police have been working hard to make the downtown safer.  Part of this involves more foot and bike patrols.  A drug suspect was arrested in the last few days and again released back to the streets to carry on his career.  It has been confirmed that this person has 160+ prior convictions for drug activity!!!  I feel so much safer knowing that a judges has deemed that this individual won’t pose a threat to society and let him back on the streets. I don’t know about you but my children and yours are at risk here.  Hell we might as well make his activities legal.  It would sure save a lot of obviously wasted time on behalf of the police. It must be so frustrating for them.

I can just hear these criminals now.  “Hey Ed the cops are busting me, but not to worry I’ll see ya in a couple of hours, same place, I’ll bring the dope you bring the cash.”

So to the police I say keep up the good work.  To the justice system and the deluded judges in the system I say, “Get some balls and do your job!”

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