Extreme drug smuggling.

Smugglers attempting to get illegal drugs across the Mexican border into the United States have begun using exotic and extreme methods. The construction of the new, secure fence along the border has forced them to get smart or lose money.

Some of the methods employed to cross the US/Mexico border include, tunnels, ultra-light aircraft, catapults, ramps, and cranes. Tunnels are dug under the border and can be as long as several miles. They can remain hidden for months, even years until someone tips the Border Patrol.

Ultra-light aircraft fly across the border at low altitudes, usually at night, drop a package of drugs in a field, then return without landing or being detected.

Catapults similar to those used in ancient times to besiege castles are rolled up to the border fence at night and packages of drugs flung across the border to waiting dealers.

Even portable ramps are placed across the fence, then a vehicle is driven across loaded with drugs. Once across the fence the vehicle disappears into the night.

One of the latest methods employs portable cranes to lift cars or trucks loaded with drugs across the fence at night. By the time this is discovered the smugglers are long gone.

The only thing the new fence along the US/Mexico border does is slow the smugglers down. The smugglers learn to innovate quickly to ensure the flow of drugs and money does stop. It takes all the ingenuity and resources of the Border Patrol to keep pace with them and their sometimes bizarre methods of crossing.

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