Short Story Openings

Here are the first paragraphs of several short stories I’ve written in the last few months. I’d love to hear comments from readers. Would you read more of the story? etc.

After Midnight by Steve B. Davis
After midnight, that’s when they came out. That’s when Kole went hunting. He couldn’t find them in the daylight, he could only find them and kill them at night.

The mutants lived deep underground in the ruins of the city. Kole roamed the remains of the city during the day scrounging for food. He was always on the lookout for others of his kind, but so far hadn’t found any, other than skeletons. For some reason he survived the holocaust.

No Mercy by Steve B. Davis
The night was pitch-black except for the small fire burning low in the trees ahead. It was quiet, too quiet. A horse snorted, Cain stopped and listened. No movement, so he kept walking towards the dying embers of the campfire.

The Beach by Steve B. Davis
Whenever I walk along the beach the azure water breaking gently on the fine sand always amazes me. On stormy days the transformation of the gentle waves into monsters trying to eat the sand and pull it back into their mouths makes me shiver with terror. The crashing and retreat of the ravenous waves forces me to keep my distance to prevent them from dragging me into the endless ocean.

The Silo by Steve B. Davis
The family were parked along a lonely stretch of Montana highway staring at the innocent-looking fenced area a hundred yards or so from the pavement. The boy had to find out what it was and demanded they stop. His father was trying to explain it to him without alarming him.

Something Wicked by Steve B. Davis
Henry used to wonder what he’d do if he encountered something or someone truly wicked. Not just bad, but genuinely evil. Many people don’t believe in evil. The same people on the other hand believed in goodness, God and Heaven. Henry knew better. If you believed in Heaven, then there had to be a Hell. Evil existed.

Serial killers are pure evil. Henry knew because he is one. As he walked down the train platform no one realized evil was next to them. These people went about their daily routines unaware of the demons beside them.

** Comments on these are appreciated. Thanks

4 Responses to Short Story Openings

  1. Roland Austin says:


    I agree with you about our childhood days. I am a bit younger than you, as I grew up in the early 1960s in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been writing a “book” about my childhood days then. Like you, I scavenged pop bottles at 2c apiece to get my soda pop, candy bars, and comic books; I would begin while walking home from school (over a half-mile one way)and then search in other directions after I got home. I remember I was very happy when pop bottle deposits went up to 3c!

    Yes, who had heard of serial killers, child molestors, etc, back then? Looking back, I think they were out there and doing their thing, just maybe not occuring as much as today, and we just were not as aware of it as we are today. From my kindergarten days through fourth grade, we kids roamed downtown Tulsa, sometimes until midnight, without anything bad happening to us. Of course, I would be afraid to do that these days, even as an adult!

  2. bob combs says:

    Several peaked my interest: Silo, Beach, Something Wicked. I like mystery novels. Let me know when they are published, will buy a copy.

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