Criminal Pain vs Victim Pain

Society and especially the justice system are strange birds. The courts convict a murderer and then sentence him to death. Then when it comes time for the sentence to be carried out everyone gets up in arms that administering the sentence might cause him pain! Give me a break.

Right now in Ohio convicted killer Kenneth Biros is facing death by lethal injection. Instead of three drugs they plan to only use one to kill him. His defence is petitioning the courts to stay his execution because the needle might hurt him. Cry me a river Biros.

What did he do? He killed 22-year-old Tami Engstron in 1991. He offered to drive her home from the bar. Then he killed her and scattered her body parts in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Nice guy this Biros.

Hopefully the courts will come to their senses and give this scum his due. The only unfortunate part is that his death will be painless compared to his victim’s.

Breaking News Update:
Kenneth Biros was executed today by the State of Ohio. His request for clemency was denied 7-0 by the appeal board.

Another piece of human scum is no longer part of society. Thank you Ohio for having the balls to do this.

Note: I refuse to publish his picture. He doesn’t deserve any kind of recognition.


9 Responses to Criminal Pain vs Victim Pain

  1. spin bike says:

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  2. Goldenrod says:

    And here I thought only the state of Texas was ‘inhuman’ enough to inflict capital punishment! If there were more of these and less appeal times and subsequent costs to the courts and taxpayers, that would be a good thing, imo.

    • stamperdad says:

      What about the inhumanity inflicted on the victims? Ohio is actually very active with executions as is Virginia.

      I do appreciate not everyone is in favor, but let’s remember the victims. Also remember most criminals who are sent to prison get out eventually.

  3. Jesse Estes says:

    I hear you loud and clear on this issue. And you wonder why they don’t have many thieves in Iran; cause they cut off their hands and feet when they catch them…

    They should just go back to old school hangings so that the message can maybe sink into the other scum bags hiding out there. The lawyers are just as bad; making money off of defending these scums.

  4. jeff winbush says:

    I know all the arguments against the death penalty. It’s racist. It’s expensive. It’s not a deterrent. It’s cruel.

    What I also know is when it’s applied correctly to the correct individual hwo has committed a heinous crime, it works. It takes one evil bastard out of the gene pool and that’s not a bad thing.

  5. bigwords88 says:

    If only we still had capital punishment in the UK…

    I’m completely in agreement on the punishment. I can only hope that the needle did, in fact, hurt as it punctured the skin. Not that it will hurt as much as the eternity he faces being buggered senseless in hell – oh, moments like these I wish I could believe in the bible…

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