Winter in Calgary

My Neighborhood this weekend.

No wonder my American friends call us the Great White North. We had a major blizzard hit this past Friday and it lasted all weekend. A city of over one million brought to a stand-still. Along with the snow came the cold weather. Last night the overnight low as – 29 C. Today we’re having a scorcher at – 21 C. It took me two hours to get from my suburban home to the office in the downtown core. The usual commuting time is 35 minutes.

6 Responses to Winter in Calgary

  1. Dominique says:

    We had a few flurries in the Detroit area today. Temps have been around 30s or 40s Fahrenheit during the day (what’s that in Celsius? 0-10?) and maybe mid- to upper-20s Fahrenheit at night (-3 to -5 C?)

    • stamperdad says:

      You do likely get some big dumps of snow over the winter being close to the lakes. I used to live in SW Ontario (grew up there). We usually get one or two and eventually they melt. We get warm Chinook winds off the mountains which give us nice breaks throughout the winter. Northen Alberta is another matter.


  2. Wow, it’s hard for me to even imagine that. We’re going through a cold spell here in Austin, Texas, and by “cold” I mean 40s. Seriously.

  3. Don’t you wish you were in Iroquois?

    • stamperdad says:

      Yes except Ontario always had that humidity. Cold with humidity chills one to the bone. Also the humungous snowfalls being close to water. The -20s are never easy to get used to though. Fortunately here in Calgary we don’t get a lot of it.


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