Remembrance of WW I Vets

Remembrance Day2009

Tomb of the Unknown (U.K.)

The photo above shows tributes placed on the British Tomb of the Unknown. This is located in Westminster Abby in London. Their unknown soldier is from World War I (aka The Great War).

The last three British World War I vets died this year, so there are none remaining from that country.

Canada’s last known surviving WW I vet is still alive. He lives in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. The Canadian government has offered him a State funeral if he and his family so choose. He is over one hundred years old at the present time.

We must always remember.


2 Responses to Remembrance of WW I Vets

  1. bigwords88 says:

    The most worrying thing about the general apathetic nature of society as a whole is the ignorance of The Great War. The history isn’t taught so much in school because all of the ‘sexy’ elements of the second world war (and beyond) are missing. No Nazis, rockets, modern fighter planes… We don’t pass on knowledge to the upcoming generation, and we’re surprised when they don’t know any better.

    There was a photograph of a guy (teenager, I think) pissing on a war memorial stacked with wreaths of poppies a few days ago, and the streets in the UK are worryingly absent of people wearing poppies. The only time anyone seems to remember that people actually died in such great numbers is when it is brought up in documentaries. Are people really that surprised of the ‘dumbing-down’ around us?

    We can’t forget about the soldiers on active service right now (jeez, the twenty-first century and we still haven’t learned) being blown up and shot at. It’s all enough to make a person depressed.

    • stamperdad says:

      We humans haven’t learned much from history. The other thing that annoys me is how soon they forget.

      Many today have relatives who served and aren’t even aware of it because their family history has been lost. Sad.

      Sure appreciate your interesting comments.
      All the best

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