On Being Computer Literate

OliviaComputer2009This is Olivia, one of the twins. She’s five and is becoming adept at using the computer. She learned to use the mouse and keyboard at three.  Although she plays games. It’s taught her how to load programs, read menus, and click and point with the mouse.

Some of the games she enjoys the most are Surf’s Up, Barbie’s Horse Adventure, and some others related to princesses. She and her sister also have Nintendo DS hand-held gamers and have learned to play various kid adventure games.

All of this in my mind is a good thing. These skills will come in handy later when using other apps and the internet.

A short story to illustrate how far kids have come.
I was in a dentist’s office. The phone rang and the receptionist called for a six or seven year old patient, we’ll call him Johnny. Johnny took the call which I couldn’t help but overhear. He described in detail how to save and print a WordPerfect document. Seems it was his mother calling to ask him for help. He then hung up and said aloud, “My mom, I’m still training her to use the computer.”

Needless to say I felt kind of inadequate even though I knew how to use the computer. I knew exactly what some kid in grade one knew.

6 Responses to On Being Computer Literate

  1. stamperdad says:

    Appreciate all the comments. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Olivia’s a cutie. This is the second generation of computer-literate toddlers. We got our first computer, and Apple, about 25 years ago when our kids were about 2, 4 and 6. Now they’re 25, 27 and 29 and can’t imagine life before computers. I remember them playing “Lemonade Stand” back before computers had real graphics.

  3. Steve Davis says:

    Hope101 thanks for the interesting comment. Computers have been very valuable to those with special needs.

  4. hope101 says:

    My son has an auditory perception problem, so being computer literate has been an essential skill for him, even more than for most kids. I was watching him build a power point presentation a few weeks ago and marvelling. He’s got that program licked.

  5. stamperdad says:

    Cindy right you are. I changed the story to reflect that. Thanks for the correction

  6. Cindy says:

    cute story but Olivia was using the computer at 3 years old!! LOL

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