Train Travel – Hang On Tight

Hanging on

Hanging on

This picture of Indians traveling for the eclipse fascinated me. I wondered if,
  • Those outside got a discount over the fare for riders inside the cars.
  • If a rider falls off, can a refund be requested.
  • Train wrecks in India seem to be frequent. Wonder if this is the reason fatalities are so high when they do occur.

I’ve decided if I ever travel to India not to travel by train. I just don’t think I could hang on for very long.

2 Responses to Train Travel – Hang On Tight

  1. Goldenrod says:

    That’s just an incredible photograph! No, I can’t imagine traveling that way, either, but if push came to shove, well … … …

  2. Anne Skalitza says:

    Yep. I’d walk. 🙂

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