Summer Vacation 2009

Oregon Beach, Tillamook

Oregon Beach, Tillamook

Our family just returned from the annual summer vacation. The five of us set out from Calgary in the motorhome for a couple of weeks.

First up was a family reunion on my wife’s side at Halcyon Hot Springs near Nakusp, British Columbia. We spent several nights here enjoying the pools. They have a somewhat normal one, a warm one, and a downright hot pool. Between the warm and the hot pool is a frigid plunge pool. The idea here is you get into the cold and then race for the hot one. It will either invigorate you or give you a heart attack. This can be checked out at:

After the reunion we headed into Washington State and towards the coast on I-90. We spent a couple of days in Seattle. Stayed at a KOA and took the transit bus into downtown. The kids enjoyed the Space Needle built for the 1962 World’s Fair held in Seattle. Also visited the Seattle Aquarium and the Pike’s market.

Near Lincoln City, OR

Near Lincoln City, OR

Next we headed down the Washington/Oregon Coast to Newport. We did get a couple of nice days of beachcombing, but mainly misty rain and cool weather. Finally in discouragement we headed inland to Portland for shopping.

The kids liked the camping best of all and made many friends in the playgrounds of the KOAs. This year the wee ones developed into great roadtrippers, few complaints and they learned to amuse themselves on the road.

We did cheat as we provided each of them with DS gamers and mini-TVs to watch movies on. Lots of snacks and frequent stops kept them occupied. We adults enjoyed the scenery and relative peace to visit as we rolled along. Cindy was happy with the shopping I made sure she got access to. Her one complaint was the lack of a visit to the malls. She hit outlets, a couple of Targets, and of course the mandatory Wally Worlds (aka Wal-Marts).

The last couple of days before crossing back into Canada consisted of a short stay at Siverwood amusement park in Cour d’Alene, Idaho. They have a huge water park with slides, wave pools, and a lazy river for tubing. After the water you can ride roller coasters. Damian, my almost 8 year-old, dared to ride the large wooden coaster called “Tremors” with me. He enjoyed it, but hung on for dear life the entire minute. The twins rode the little rides and loved the water.

Definitely our best motorhome vacation so far. As always it was good to get home into our own beds and familar surroundings.


2 Responses to Summer Vacation 2009

  1. Pappy says:

    Very nice travel log. Glad all enjoyed the trip. I would like to visit those places before too long. We have yet to make a western vacation trip. Pappy

  2. JLC says:

    Wow! What a beautiful trip. We love going to Cannon Beach in Oregon, we usually will make a stop in Gearhart which is a smaller town with a great restaurant on it’s main street heading towards the beach. (I wish I can remember the name, but it isn’t hard to find since it is the only restaurant on that street!) Glad you enjoyed visiting this area, try the coast again during mid July-Sept. You will have a better chance to get more sun.

    I know about traveling with kids too. Took my two kids down to San Diego for a road trip last year. They were 4 and 2!

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