Nightmares of the Road

Christine - Stephen King's Nightmare

Christine - Stephen King's Nightmare

Ten Drivers to Avoid

The summer driving season is upon us. Just in time for our road adventures here’s my list of your worst nightmares roaming the highways and byways.

1. Cell Phone Talkers.
Drivers talking on cell phones oblivious to their surroundings.

2. No Turn Signals.
Those who never signal turns or lane changes. Seems those driving the most expensive cars are the worst. I was sure BMW and Cadillac installed signals on their vehicles. 

3. Tailgaters.
Yes those drivers who try to save gas by slipstreaming you. Either that or they want a tow.

 4. Lane changers.
Those who constantly change lanes trying to get ahead. Especially bad on three lane or more high speed interstates or expressways.

 5. Red light runners.
Death personified. If you’re in the front row when the light turns green make sure you look both ways, one of these idiots is sure to be just accelerating through the intersection; after all doesn’t red mean speed up.

6. Turtles.
Those who drive ridiculously slow, thirty in a 50 mph zone for example, and always on a two-lane road where passing is impossible. Worse than speeders.

 7. Horn Blowers.
You know, the one behind you laying on the horn when you’re stopped to let a pedestrian cross, or one of the more memorable ones who was blasting the horn when I was stopped by a policeman at an unlighted intersection letting traffic cross.

8. Rearview Mirror.
Drivers who never look in the rearview mirror. They believe no one else is on the road.

 9. Speeders.
Those who simply must pass everyone on the road no matter how fast they’re going. The oddity here is that they are the drivers who never get stopped.

 10. Ignoramuses.
These are the ones who never yield the right of way; never let you in a line of merging cars, and God forbid, are never considerate.

Drive decent and just try to ignore these persons, maybe they’ll go away.

8 Responses to Nightmares of the Road

  1. Randy Roberts says:

    Something I’ll never forget. It’s all about reaction time. Waiting for a bus, back when I went to college, I witnessed a kid pull out in front of a professor. His reaction was to blow his horn then hit the brakes. The result was a minor fender-bender that could have been avoided if he would have just hit his brakes.

  2. stamperdad says:

    One really starts to question the system for getting driver’s licenses.

  3. Pappy says:

    Great reminder. I run into all ten almost everyday. It is a full time job watching out for others who haven’t got a clue. Pappy

  4. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for the additions. Appreciate the comments. Yes I forgot about the putting make-up on ones.

  5. How about the people who put their signal on to change lanes and then it stays on for the next 20 miles.

  6. Bea Sempere says:

    I’ll admit it, I have a heavy foot but not to the point of weaving in and out and passing everyone up.

    You also forgot the “Lipstick Application” = one who spends time applying her/his lipstick for their next destination, and then the “Nail Polish Application” = one who applies nail polish taking their eyes off the road. The last one recently happened in my state and a woman died.

    Let’s be safe out there, people. And now back to the regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

  7. stamperdad says:

    Tailgaters are in the top three for me. What scares me the most is cell phone talkers. Several times I’ve been cut off by them.

    Thanks for the input.

  8. spamwarrior says:

    I’m a turtle because I’m just starting out. Heehee. I’m speeding up though!

    My grandfather is a red-light runner. Whenever he sees yellow, he thinks that he should speed up. And then it turns red when he’s about to go under it and then he argues that it was yellow, it was yellow. The police will sure like that.

    Tailgaters scare me. Once my brother was learning how to drive and there was this person who was tailgating us…

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