Time is on My Side

Symbol of Time - Clock

Symbol of Time - Clock

Time slips by far too quickly it seems. Why is it as you age it passes faster than when you were young? Likely just an illusion, but still my perception.

Last evening I made a resolution. I just have to find more time for writing. Family time is so important, and of course full time employment keeps the wolves from the door. Somewhere between the two I intend to spend an hour or two writing and querying magazines about the finished articles I have.

Finding time to read is also a problem. As a writer one must read. I read on the train to and from work. Before bed I read. Television is a time waster, but for a writer of nonfiction, the news and the History Channel are useful.

Jim Croce wrote a song called “Time in a Bottle” about wishing to be able to put it in a bottle and keep it. Nice thought, but time is non-renewable. Once it’s gone its gone. The secret is to manage it to your advantage. Easier said than done.


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