When Moose Fly!

Adult moose

Adult moose

“But officer really he fell out of the sky and landed right in front of me.” I can just see the look of consternation on the officer’s face as he was taking that report.

Sound farfetched?  No it really happened in Clinton, Maine southwest of Bangor along Interstate Highway 95.

Seems a 500 pound moose leapt the guardrail at the wrong place (an overpass of I-95) and fell 18 feet to the highway below. Did he get hit by a car or truck? Hell no, the fall killed him. A motorist was stopped under the overpass at the time and witnessed the moose’s demise. He immediately swore off drinking (just kidding).

Moral of the story for Bullwinkles (moose), look before you leap.

2 Responses to When Moose Fly!

  1. stamperdad says:

    They also come out mainly at night. No fun to jump in front of motorists when it’s daylight, no challenge to that.

    Where I live in Alberta not much in the southern part, but tons up north in the woods. I almost made one a hood ornament a few times in my early days in the oilpatch. Steve

  2. Pappy says:

    Maine has more Moose warnings than any State in the Union on its highways and byways (mostly byways). When I visited there I looked all over the state for Moose. Locals directed me to likely meadows and groves, but alas – no Moose. I left after a couple of weeks with a couple of quarts of Maple syrup, whale sightings, but not even one Moose encounter. I did see several in Wyoming and Alaska. P.S. I was not checking the sky as I didn’t realize they could fly. Pappy

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