GM to Scrap Pontiac

'97 Pontiac Grand Am coupe

'97 Pontiac Grand Am coupe

GM announced today they plan to scrap the Pontiac line. It will become extinct as many before them.

I own one that has been one of the best vehicles I’ve ever had. It’s a ’97 Pontiac Grand Am coupe with the four cyclinder in it. Very economical and peppy too. My Dad owned a couple along the way. I remember one from the late 1950’s, but can’t remember the year. Think it was a 1959 model year.

'66 Pontiac StratoChief

'66 Pontiac StratoChief

Left is an advertising photo from the period. At the top of the post is a photo of what mine looked like in 1997 when it was spanking new.
Pontiac we will miss you very much.

2 Responses to GM to Scrap Pontiac

  1. stamperdad says:

    They were sure popular, at least at one time. Thanks for reading.


  2. isaacespriu says:

    There’s a lot of history wrapped up in Pontiac. Whenever i see a picture of an early model Pontiac, for some reason, i have visions of driving along the interstates with no particular destination in mind.

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