The Twins are Five Today

February 20, 2009
Girls with big brother.

l to r. Olivia, Damian, Claire

Claire and Olivia are five years old today. I just can’t believe it. The time has gone by so quickly.

(Left: One of my favorite pics of them. This was a while back. They’re much bigger now.)

Seems like only yesterday the precious girls came into the world to join our family.

Big brother Damian pesters them like all brothers, but he sure likes playing with them.

Claire is a bit of a tomboy, and Olivia is the girly girl. Claire was baby A and Olivia baby B on the ultrasounds and that’s how they were born. Baby A first, then Baby B a minute later.

The first 3 months were the hardest, no sleep and constant attention. You would think maybe with two they would wake and feed at different times. No way! These girls had to do everything together at the same time. They were feeding every two hours for the first several weeks. Mom and Dad both would try to sleep for two hours, then get up change and feed them, this usually took an hour or more. Thank goodness Damian, big brother, is a good sleeper.

I used my lunch hour at work to catch some zzzz. Good thing too otherwise I’d have been a complete wreck.

Now at five, they play together and are very independent. Sure they squabble, but isn’t that what brothers and sisters do. They’re in kindergarten, in different classes, and are really maturing. Other activites both take part in include Sparks (scouting for girls), and ballet.

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