Friends and Neighbors

President Obama & Prime Minister Harper

President Obama & Prime Minister Harper

President Obama’s first foreign trip as president took place today when he came to Ottawa, the Canadian capital. No matter your politics the leader of 300 million Americans met the leader of 34 million Canadians for the first time.

Canada and the United States share a 4,000 mile border. The last time hostilities took place across this border was the War of 1812. We are fast friends, allies, and trading partners.

– Canada is fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban who sheltered Bin Laden and his terrorists.
– Canada took in the many grounded passengers as result of the 9/11 order to ground airliners.
– Canada’s ambassador to Iran helped get Americans out of the country during the revolution.
– Canada and the United States were allies in two World Wars and the Korean conflict.

These are just some of the examples of our friendship and mutual respect.

As countries we have much in common, but like all friendships there will always be some differences. Our countries are both stable and thriving democracies. Best of all we are true friends. As a Canadian with American links I’m proud of the Can/Am relationship.

9 Responses to Friends and Neighbors

  1. stamperdad says:

    Don I haven’t thought of that show for years. I used to watch it when I was in high school. Shows what kind of childhood I had.


  2. Donald says:


    It could of been Gordan Sinclair from CBC or possibly one of the panel members from Front Page Challenge way back when.

  3. Goldenrod says:

    Steve, I think I might have misled you. It’s not a song. Background music is patriotic in nature, but the narrator is not singing. He is speaking, only.

    The last time I heard this – and I probably heard it 14 or 15 times – must have ten or more years ago, when I was driving a taxicab and had a semi-regular customer who had to be picked up at 5am to go to the airport. I always had the radio on when driving, and there was one station (but I forget which one, obviously, or I could call them!) whose talk show host always aired three or four patriotic-type dealies before he began his two or 3-hour program.

    I asked Chuck, one of my regular readers, quite a few months back if he could remember the name of it as well. He knew which one I was talking about, but couldn’t recall the name, either! Well, just forget it, Steve. If it happens to come to your mind – or if you hear it by some odd chance, let me know, OK?

    Thanks for trying!

  4. stamperdad says:

    Goldenrod – oops forgot to tell you I can’t recall the song or video you mentioned. Will let you know if I think of it.


  5. Goldenrod says:

    No recollection of what I asked you about, Steve? Shuckeydurn!

    Haven’t heard the term “Canuck” – accent on the second syllable, as I remember – since I lived in the UP. Rrvit!

  6. stamperdad says:

    Goldenrod – no doubt in my mind Americans should learn to appreciate us Canucks more. We were all excited about Obama’s visit. Hopefully he’ll come back more often.


  7. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for the comment. Yes I found that interesting too. I think Hillary is going for the North Korea nuclear issue.

    I made the banner by scanning a postal history envelope (cover), then cropping it.


  8. Goldenrod says:

    Steve, I wonder if you can help me out here? For the life of me, I can’t remember the title or I’d try and look it up on YouTube. I’ll bet it’s there – somewhere.

    It was written by a Canadian some years back and there’s patriotic music playing in the background the whole while. The speaker is talking about how America needed help in some area – probably a natural disaster of some sort – and there was little coming from other countries. Yet, when they needed help, America was there. (Again and again.) Are you familiar with this, by any chance? Sure would appreciate info as to where I might find it if it rings a memory bell for you.

    I thought it was most appropriate that our Secretary of State go East first. That’s a very troublesome spot in the world today. (Lots of troublesome spots, but you can’t be “everywhere” first!)

    And, I like the fact that Obama visited Canada first. There’s been a considerable amount of dissension in this country over the NAFTA agreement. (I thought it was a good one, overall.) Not enuf attention has been paid to our closest ally, in my opinion, over the past MANY years. Friendships and mutual respect such as our two countries have enjoyed should NEVER be taken for granted.

  9. Razib Ahmed says:

    Obama first went to Canada while Hillary went to Asia first. It is very interesting to me because it seems that there is some kind of shift in US foreign policy. None of these two important figures started their foreign trip with Europe.
    By the way, I liked the banner image of your blog. It is very beautiful. Have you designed it?

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