Buddy We Miss You

Buddy Holly, 1959

Buddy Holly, 1959

 Exactly 50 years ago today, February 3, 1959 three musicians were tragically killed in a small plane crash in a cornfield near Clear Lake, Iowa. They were Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson, aka “The Big Bopper”. All were up and comers in the world of rock and roll.

In fact the loss of them is felt more today, than it was at the time. I was only 9 years of age back then, but as time went on I like others realized what a great loss it truly was. All were young, Ritchie Valens was only 17, the others in their early twenties.

February 3, 1959 – “the day the music died” as the Don Mclean song, American Pie claimed. Music didn’t die that day, but a hole was left. Fortunately for all of us it was filled and their music lives on.


5 Responses to Buddy We Miss You

  1. stamperdad says:

    ac – The other one I should have mentioned is “Peggy Sue”.

    Goldenrod – I will likely feature Lincoln this month because it’s the 200th anniversary of his birth and he was instrumental in Black History with his Emancipation Proclamation.

    Thanks to all for the comments. I plan to do a lot more posting in near future, so watch for new ones.


  2. ac says:

    I just listend to That’ll Be the Day. I’ve heard it before.

    LOL…the devil’s music. How times have changed.

  3. Goldenrod says:

    It’s really interesting how the mind works, Steve. I would have been a newlywed then. I remember the crash and all of the names, of course, but we were more concerned with trying to keep our arses from freezing off at the time at ‘da Tech’ in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    We’re celebrating Black History Month here in the US, as I believe you are, as well. I’m hoping to do four or five (maybe more) scattered posts before the month is out featuring black musicians. Will you be doing any? If so, which ones are you planning to feature? I’ll link your posts if you do.

  4. stamperdad says:

    He was a prolific songwriter and early rock pioneer. Google him and it will list all the songs. Many other artists have recorded his songs.

    “That’ll Be The Day” is probably his most famous.

    Rock and roll was not generally accepted when he was performing. Adults thought it was the devil’s music, of course teens of the era loved it.


  5. ac says:

    I’m definately showing my age here, but all I know about Buddy Holly is that a rock band wrote a song with his name in it.

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