Terrorist Cries in Court

Khan at work

Khan at work

Terrorist Khan Mohammed, 38 of Nangarhar Province Afghanistan was sentenced to life in prison in a Washington, DC courtroom today. Khan was convicted of drug trafficking and narco-terrorism charges. 

Seems he was plotting rocket attacks on U.S. military forces and Afghan civilians at Jalalabad airfield in Afghanistan. He was arrested, extradited and put on trial in the United States. He was also importing drugs as part of his jihad. Afghan police testified against him and submitted tape recordings of his attempt to buy missiles from an undercover officer. 

He was unable to obtain the missiles he wanted, otherwise many would have been killed. Testimony in court clearly demonstrated he has an extreme hatred of the United States. 

Now here’s the laughable part. He begged the judge before sentencing to give him one or two years so he could return to his family. He was sobbing as he asked the court to be merciful. Thankfully sense prevailed. The judge turned to Khan after sentencing and told him, “I heard your concerns for your family, but no acceptance of responsibility for your action.” 

Khan will die in prison. A proper death for this Taliban terrorist.


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