Coup d’Etat in Canada: The Death of Democracy

December 2, 2008

The Canadian federal election was held in October this year. The Conservative Party won with the largest minority government in history. The electorate clearly did not support the Liberals or the New Democrats (NDP) based on both the number of seats won and the popular vote.

This week the Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc Quebecois announced they were forming a coalition to topple the government. The Liberal leader, Stephane Dion, who lost badly in the election and who was forced to announce his resignation effective May 2009 will be the Prime Minister of Canada. This is a bloodless coup. The only thing bleeding today is the Constitution of Canada. 

I thought coup d’etats only happened in banana republics of Central and Southern America, I was wrong. Canada just joined the non-Democracies of the world. I for one intend to never again bother voting in a national election. Not much use is there?  The electorate of this country should be very angry and worried. We are on the slippery slope of dictatorship. I am truly ashamed of my country today. Small minds are destroying the very fabric of Canada.

Shame. Shame. Shame on the politicians of Canada.


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