Canada Quiz: The Answers

To those who participated, Thanks and hope you enjoyed it. Here are the answers.

1. July 1, 1867
2. Ten provinces and three territories
3. Second.
4. 33,413,000 (2008)
5. Quebec.
6. Prince Edward Island
7. Ottawa, Ontario
8. Toronto (5,113,149 including metropolitan area)
9. English and French
a) Sir John A. MacDonald
b) Stephen Harper
11. Conservative Party of Canada and Liberal Party of Canada
12. 1885
a) 1914
b) 1939  
14. O Canada
15. February 1965

Link to the Quiz

One Response to Canada Quiz: The Answers

  1. Dominique says:

    Thanks for the quiz. I’m surprised at some of the answers I managed to get with lucky guesses! 😛

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