Canada Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

I thought I’d have some fun for those readers who may want to test their knowledge of Canada, my home country and neighbor of the United States.

I will leave this up for several days. Here are the rules/guidelines for participants.
– leave your answers as a comment in order, i.e. 1 to 15.
– tell me the country you are from.
– use the honor system and try not to look up the answers.
– I will try to provide nice token to the first three readers with the correct answers.
– most of all the rule is to have fun.

Here they are. There are no trick or ambiguous questions.

!. When did Canada become independent?

2. How many provinces and Territories make up Canada?

3. Where does Canada rank in size by landmass area compared to other countries of the world?

4. What is the population of Canada?

5. What is the largest province by area?

6. What is the smallest province by area?

7. What city is the capital of Canada?

8. What is the largest city in Canada?

9. Name Canada’s two official languages.

10. Name Canada’s,
a) First prime minister?
b) Present prime minister?

11. Name the two primary political parties in Canada?

12. What year was the transcontinental railway completed in Canada?

13. What year did Canada enter,
a) World War I
b) World War II

14. What is the name of Canada’s national anthem?

15. When was Canada’s red maple leaf flag adopted?

Answers will be posted in a few days.

10 Responses to Canada Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

  1. Martha says:

    1. ?
    2. Northwest territory, Yukon Territory, Nunavut
    British Columbia, Alberta, Sasketchuwan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI, Labrador, New Brunswick
    3. 2nd?
    4. Don’t know but most of it is concentrated along the border with the US.
    5. Can’t tell cause I saw the answer
    6. PEI
    7. Quebec
    8. Vancouver
    9. English and French
    11. liberals and conservatives
    13. I don’t know. However, it is possible that some young Canadians fought in the US military. My father in law joined the US airforce in the late fifties.
    14. O Canada

  2. stamperdad says:

    Thanks to all those taking part. I will post the answers early next week.


  3. 1. 1867
    2. 10-3
    3. Two or three (Russia is first)
    4. 0ver 30 million
    5. Quebec?
    9. English & French
    10.A.? B.Stephen Harper
    11. Conservative & Liberal
    13.A. ? B. 1939 ( Declared war on Germany after invasion of Poland)
    14. Oh Canada

  4. stamperdad says:

    Stephen you need to post the answers as a comment.


  5. I sent the answers earlier today and noticed they weren’t posted, I’ll try again on Friday

  6. Dominique says:

    Hmmmmm…without looking anything up…here are my answers/guesses

    1. 1867
    2. I’m thinking a lucky 13 altogether…10 provinces and 3 territories?
    3. Third?
    4. 50 million?
    5. Quebec
    6. Prince Edward Island
    7. Ottawa
    8. Toronto
    9. English and French
    10. first-McDonald? current-Harper
    11. Liberal and Conservative
    12. 1870?
    13. WWI-1917? WWII-1939?
    14. O Canada
    15. 1967

    I’m in the Detroit-area…just north (yes, north) of Windsor, Ontario

    Did I get enough correct to be an “honourary” Canadian? 🙂

  7. Dennis Price says:

    I studied, but I didn’t use cheat notes. Pappy P.S. I also went back and tried to find the answers to the ones I missed and omitted.

  8. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for taking part Dennis, hope others will also take a stab at it. Most of all hope it was interesting.


  9. Dennis Price says:

    1. 1965

    2. 10 Provinces and 3 Territories

    3. 2nd

    4. 38 million (+ or -)



    7. Ottawa

    8. Quebec

    9. English and French

    10. ?
    Stephen Harper

    11. Liberals and Conservatives

    12. 1895?

    13. ?

    14. Oh Canada

    15. 1965

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