Outrageous Makeover: Palin as Fashion Diva

I see the Republican party didn’t like Palin’s hockey mom image. Over the last few months they’ve spent more than $150,000 to make her over. Apparently the clothes (listed as “campaign accessories” in the Republican expenses) are to be donated to charity.

No wonder Palin wanted to be the V-P candidate. Any person male or female would love to have a shopping spree like this one. Substance can’t be bought, so they bought appearance instead.

Fortunately after November 4, 2008, Palin can return to Alaska. I wager that a year from now she will just be a footnote in history.  Palin’s selection as McCain’s running mate will go down as one of his biggest blunders. Not because she is a woman, but for lack of substance.

3 Responses to Outrageous Makeover: Palin as Fashion Diva

  1. stamperdad says:

    Dennis appreciate your comments, but a $400 hotel bill is a lot different than a $150,000 wardrobe and hair make-over.

    I’m sure Sarah is a good person, but wrong for this job that’s all.

    I will do a post where I eat crow if the Republicans win, but I don’t think I have much to worry about. I do feel sorry for McCain. He would make a good president, but wrong time wrong place. His time is past. He should have beaten out Bush in 2000.


  2. Dennis Price says:

    Now, now. When they win you will have to take back all those caddy comments. Pappy

  3. Donald says:

    With that expensive a lipstick on, the Kissing Booth on Nov 4 will be open for business. So Kiss your Bloomers Goodbye Sweetie. LOL

    I’m just waiting to see which Sally Ann outlet will handle the sale of her wardrobe for charity. LOL

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