Life is a Cartoon Sometimes

Now for something completely different. Apparently a woman from Pennsylvania was petting her neighbor’s cat, or at least that’s what she thought. This is a story right out of a Warner Bros. cartoon. Reminds me of Pepe Le Pew the little skunk who always mistakes cats for female skunks.

Turns out the “cat” was actually a skunk! Needless to say she got a good dose of a not so nice cologne. Not only that but the skunk ran into her house and wouldn’t leave.

Animal control eventually removed the animal. Moral of the story – be familiar with North American wildlife.

2 Responses to Life is a Cartoon Sometimes

  1. Dennis Price says:

    I hate to say anything about some folks from the Northeast, but there you have it my friend – proof positive. Pappy

  2. Pink Ink says:

    Eww. The woman needs glasses :-).

    -Pink Ink from AW

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