Remember When – 1949

On my recent trip I stopped at a Country Crock, you know the ones with the general store in the front.

They have a series of short little booklets called “Remember When” for every year. I picked the one for the year I was born 1949. Fascinating read.

Now while I certainly don’t remember much because I was just a little one, it is the era I came from so it was neat to find out about those times.

Here are some of the gems from my copy.


  • First Polaroid camera available and sold for $89.95
  • RCA perfects a system for broadcasting color TV
  • Volkswagen Beetles introduced in the US
  • President of the United States is Harry Truman
  • Life expectancy in 62.9 years
  • United States postage stamp to mail a letter was 3c
  • Gasoline was 17c per gallon
  • Movie ticket was 60c
  • Average rent $70 per month
  • New car was $1,420
  • New House was $7,450
  • Average income $2,959 per year
  • Bread 14c a loaf
  • Milk 84c a gallon
  • Eggs 24c a dozen

I’ll leave it for you to decide it they were the good old days. I personally think not.

3 Responses to Remember When – 1949

  1. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed it. More posting to come, but vacations have been interferring.


  2. Also, if you go back just one year, it would cause shock too, especially food prices! My mother was born in that year so I find this a fascinating venture into a different era.

  3. Dennis Price says:

    I guess it would depend on all the criteria you use to evaluate your decision. Some things were certainly better. Pappy

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