Remember When – 1949

August 10, 2008

On my recent trip I stopped at a Country Crock, you know the ones with the general store in the front.

They have a series of short little booklets called “Remember When” for every year. I picked the one for the year I was born 1949. Fascinating read.

Now while I certainly don’t remember much because I was just a little one, it is the era I came from so it was neat to find out about those times.

Here are some of the gems from my copy.


  • First Polaroid camera available and sold for $89.95
  • RCA perfects a system for broadcasting color TV
  • Volkswagen Beetles introduced in the US
  • President of the United States is Harry Truman
  • Life expectancy in 62.9 years
  • United States postage stamp to mail a letter was 3c
  • Gasoline was 17c per gallon
  • Movie ticket was 60c
  • Average rent $70 per month
  • New car was $1,420
  • New House was $7,450
  • Average income $2,959 per year
  • Bread 14c a loaf
  • Milk 84c a gallon
  • Eggs 24c a dozen

I’ll leave it for you to decide it they were the good old days. I personally think not.

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