The roadtrip is going pretty well. Kids are adjusting to the motorhome travel. They have been driving their mother crazy asking for things. This involves her getting up out of her seat and waiting on them. We are now attempting to get them to help each other and get things themselves.

So far we have gone from Calgary east to Williston, ND and south to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Next we spent a few days in the Rapid City, SD area seeing Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and other attractions.

Went east a short distance to Wall, SD and visited the tacky, but famous Wall Drug Store. This is located along Interstate 90 east of Rapid City.

Also visited the South Dakota Air & Space Museum outside Ellsworth Air Force Base. This is a B1 bomber base and part of the US Nuclear Force. It was something to see a B-29 Stratofortress, a B-52, and B1 bomber close-up and personal. They had a Minuteman ICBM on display as well as a mock-up of a missile command center. Inside the museum there was the outer shell of a current nuclear weapon. Not very big, but scary powerful for its size. It was unarmed, for display of course.

Now we are in Billings, Montana camping at a nice KOA and enjoying a quiet break. More ramblings when I return.

6 Responses to Vacation

  1. stamperdad says:

    Got back last evening. Hope to post some entries in next few days. Appreciate the comments. It was a good trip and got lots of ideas for writing.


  2. Auria Cortes says:

    Sounds as though you are having fun! If you can, post pictures (oh no! another homework assignment) 🙂

  3. Steve – Glad to be following you on your trip – no more troubles with the motorhome, I hope. Good thing you had the experience with those big rigs when you first went to Alberta. Keep well and have fun – Mom

  4. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Spent the day here in Billings shopping and taking kids to air conditioned movie. Another night and moving on back towards home. Maybe Great Falls before home.

    Don no sorry but we are heading home. Hope to get down to Polson some day soon though. Sounds like a real nice area.


  5. Donald says:

    Hope you are enjoying the HEAT here in Montana. Where are you going from Billings. West I Hope. Enjoy Big Sky Country.

  6. Dennis Price says:

    Don’t forget to unleash the dog and return him to the motorhome before you set out again. Glad you are having a nice vacation. Looking forward to your return. Pappy

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