Canada Day, July 1st

Yesterday as I was celebrating my country’s big day I happened to be surfing the remote. I caught a swearing in ceremony of new citizens. We who are native-born Canadians and Americans come to take living in our great countries for granted, but when you see the look of gratitude on the faces of these new citizens it makes you think.

I am lucky to live in one of the greatest nations in the world. I enjoy freedom without even having to think about it. Many of these new citizens left everything they knew for a strange new country to avoid war, persecution, or other upheaval.

These newcomers made me appreciate what we in Canada and the United States have and too often take for granted.

So on July 1st, Canada Day, and on July 4th, Independence Day reflect on the good fortune we have to live in our countries, and celebrate with newfound insight.


9 Responses to Canada Day, July 1st

  1. stamperdad says:

    Rosemerry – I often wonder how many questions on the citizenship test I could answer. Thanks for the great comments.


  2. rosemerry says:

    That is really interesting to know. In my Latina Lives class someone did a report on becoming a citizen of the United States and asked us some of the questions that are on the naturalization test. We didn’t really know any of the answers to any of the questions but six of us together answered one of the questions. So yeah, I admire anyone who goes through the work of becoming a citizen. The test itself is hard.

    Before my step-mom, who is not a citizen, came over from the Philippines on a spouse visa my dad had to prove that he could support her financially in case she couldn’t find work.

  3. Wow. You take assignments? As a former teacher, I’m sure I can come up with something really hard! But seriously, I so agree. What great countries we live in! ~Karen

  4. stamperdad says:

    I have made it so. Hope it is enlightening. Thanks for the assignment.


  5. Auria Cortes says:

    and sometimes I’m illiterate. my comment should read:

    ….but do you mind…

  6. Auria Cortes says:

    Sometimes I feel like I give you homework, but letting us know the tradition behind July 1st being Canada Day.

  7. stamperdad says:

    Thanks Pappy. What else is great here in North America is having a neighbor like the US.


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