This Blog’s Author A-Z

Well fellow bloggers and writers here as requested are some interesting or not so interesting things about me. Thanks to all who take the time to read and especially those who like it enough to return. I certainly enjoy reading yours.

A-Attached or Single? Married to the love of my life.
B-Best Friend? My wife Cindy – absolutely and without a doubt.
C-Cake or Pie? This is a hard one. Guess I would have to say pie. All kinds except for raisin. Favorites include lemon merangue and apple.
D-Day of Choice? Sunday. Seems to be the one day I can manage some down time.
E-Essential Items? Laptop and library card.
F-Favorite Color? Red. I am on my third red car. Love it when my wife wears red.
G-Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither. I’ll leave these to my six-year old son who can’t seem to get enough of them at 7-Eleven.
H-Hometown? None really. My family moved lots during my early years. Calgary, where I live now, is my adopted one. Been here longer than anywhere else – 26 years.
I-Indulgence? Chocolate chip cookies with a couple of ice cold glasses of milk. It’s the little boy in me.
J-January or July? Definitely July. Love the hot weather.
K-Kids? I have five. Two grown daughters from a previous marriage. Three with the love of my life. Six-year old son and twin girls four-years. Wouldn’t trade them for anything. Sure they’re a lot of work, but extremely rewarding.
L-Life Isn’t Complete Without? My loving wife Cindy and our kids.
M-Marriage Date? July 10, 2000. Best day of my life. My real happiness started this day.
N-Number of Siblings? Two. I have a younger brother and sister. Being the eldest was way too much pressure.
O-Oranges or Applies? Oranges for the sweetness and juiciness.
P-Phobias or Fears? Alzheimers.
R-Reason to Smile? Hugs and kisses from my kids, and being in love with my wife.
S-Superman or Wonderwoman? Wonderwoman. Based on the things my wife manages she is my Wonderwoman.
T-Tag 5 People. Pass on this for now. Check the links on my site for those I visit the most.
U-Used or New? Love used books. New is nice, but I’m cheap so like bargains.
V-Vegetables? Love broccoli and corn, hate carrots.
W-Worst Habit? I don’t listen well and I interrupt – I am working on this.
X-Ray or Ultrasound? Like all men it would be fun to have X-ray vision. LOL.
Y-Your Favorite Food? Steak on the barbeque. Nothing like it.
Z-Zodiac Sign? Taurus with birthday in May. Boy I am stubborn, but very loyal. Problem is I’m also impulsive.


8 Responses to This Blog’s Author A-Z

  1. stamperdad says:

    Auria – long weekend camping, Time with family. Will post a notice next time.


  2. Dennis Price says:

    Interesting. I also liked the Carlin memories. Pappy

  3. Auria Cortes says:

    Hey, buddy. How about updating your blog? I checked every day and nada!


  4. stamperdad says:

    Kip keep on writing, if anything I find its good for the soul. Hope your renovation project also goes well. Appreciate the comments


  5. Kip de Moll says:

    Man, I’m with you on being taurus!

    My Mom is nearly gone with Alzheimers and curiously just yesterday (are you ready for this?) my sister had a psychic session and “learned” that Mom is well, is staying in transition by choice, and has given us the gift of getting to know our Dad for the first time. It’s way out there (and so is she–my sister) but if you suspend belief, it’s a pretty cool concept for a very tough situation. My Mom apparently directed my sister to help me get back out to Oregon to do some soul work on my writiing. My Mom’s condition and her lifetime support and encouragement of my writing is what has gotten me off my butt lately and pouring out the ink lately

    Thanks for the details..

  6. I hate carrots, too- blech

  7. stamperdad says:

    Someone wrote a book that examined “birth order” and its impact on a person. Can’t remember offhand the title, but it sounded very interesting. I can certainly see the effect on my own children.

    As usual great feedback. Appreciate it very much.

  8. Auria Cortes says:

    It’s interesting what you said about being the oldest and feeling too much pressure. I’m in the middle. My siblings, whom I’m very close with, laugh because I have middle child syndrome. In a way, they are right. But they all do admit that I’m my parents least favorite child. Now, I ask: don’t I have a right to a little pychosis? 🙂

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