George Carlin: 1937 – 2008

One of my heroes of the 1960’s has died. I loved the irreverence of this man. I did get to see him in person once and he was just so hilarious. Many of the things he said sounded insane, but were actually true when you thought about them. Here as a tribute are some of my favorite George Carlin sayings.


Always do whatever’s next.

By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.

– Electricity is just organized lightning.

– Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

– I think people should be allowed to do anything they want. We haven’t tried that for a while. Maybe this time it’ll work.

– I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older; then it dawned on me – they’re cramming for their final exam.

– Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.

– The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant. Every table had an argument going.

– Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

– There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

6 Responses to George Carlin: 1937 – 2008

  1. Kip de Moll says:

    Thoaw Smothers Brothers knew how to pick ’em!

  2. stamperdad says:

    Appreciate your comments. He always made me laugh, but also think.


  3. I especially like the last one about the moon howling! He surely knew how to say it, and it’s a shame he’s gone. I was pleased to find your tribute to him.

  4. stamperdad says:

    Thanks I will try to do a similar post. Hey gotta have some fun once in a while.


  5. Mada says:

    Love Carlin! Some of the things he said seemed so far out in left field until you thought about them, then they made a lot of sense.

  6. Auria Cortes says:

    I posted videos of his comic routine.

    Also, I tagged you with a meme:

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