The Magic of Velcro

I note an article in the paper that Velcro turns 50 years old today. As a parent this is a wonderful invention. Try putting shoes on toddlers without Velcro fasteners. Tying and untying laces on the twins was a hassle, so I took the initiative and replaced the shoes with ones having Velcro fasteners. Resulting lower stress level – priceless. Sure they won’t learn to tie laces right away, but who cares, they can accomplish that feat when they are more mature. At their age, Dad has to tie them anyway. They really don’t learn anything other than some curse words as I struggle with my large hands attempting to tie knots in such small shoes.

The design happened after Swiss engineer George de Mestral studied burrs that stuck to his dog’s fur coat and his pants after the walked in the woods. The name Velcro is a combination of “velour” and “crochet”, French words for velvet and hook.

The next time you put on shoes, change a diaper, or put on that bulletproof Kevlar vest thank Mr. de Mestral and Velcro USA for making life just a little easier.

So as I drink my coffee this morning, here’s a toast to the Manchester, N.H. based Velcro USA for introducing this innovation and reducing my stress level, even a little.


4 Responses to The Magic of Velcro

  1. stamperdad says:

    I didn’t think of that one. Actors, at least those of the stage, definitely benefit. Thanks


  2. velcro works wonders for me…I do a lot of community theatre shows where I have quick costume changes, so I LOVE when my costume contains velcro because it’s so much easier to do a quick change with velcro rather than zippers!

  3. stamperdad says:

    Seems like more inventions, or at least many, are via luck or accidental event. Most accidents I have are more serious.


  4. Stories of innovation always are fantastic to read. Something simple like an accident or casual observation and history is made. (And lots of money!) Wonderful.
    Now- to have one of those accidental encounters myself…

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