The Meaning of Life 101

Sounds like a deep question, but to simplify just ask yourself this – what are the 5 things I value most in life?

There is no right answer to this exercise. It all depends on the individual and what is important to them and their well-being. With another birthday coming up, 59 years young this time, I thought I would have a look at where I am now in my life and here are my answers in order of importance:

1. Relationship with my wife. This is the root of all my happiness.

2. Love for my children. Darn they can be a challenge at times, but the love you get back its priceless.

3. Good friends. There is a country song by Tracy Lawrence and others now called, “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”. True friends stand by you through good and bad.

4. Health. Goes without saying, but you have to work at it.

5. Interests. Hobbies and activities that give you relaxation, stress relief, and maintain self-esteem. For me these include, philately, writing, reading, and golf.

Further Reading:
“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen R. Covey, Free Press, 1989, 2004


5 Responses to The Meaning of Life 101

  1. stamperdad says:

    No I’d have to classify a house/home as a necessity at least to me.


  2. Auria Cortes says:

    Does a house fall into the “material things” category. Because now that you mention it, I’d switch interests for my home any day.

    I rather be a boring a$$ person living in a home. 🙂

  3. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for commenting. Interesting to me that most people don’t rank material things at all in the five important things in their life.


  4. Auria Cortes says:

    Five things I value in life (in no particular order)

    1. Me

    2. Family (parents, siblings, nephews, and niece)

    3. peace and quiet

    (i’ll take two of yours)

    4. health

    5. interests

  5. Cindy Davis says:

    love you honey – you may be turning 59 but you still got a lot of spunk in yah!! ;0

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