Gator Aid: Stay Out of the Fridge

Some people will do almost anything to keep the kids out of the fridge. This photo accompanied a recent article in the news.

Seems that this full size alligator got into a woman’s house in Florida and headed straight for the kitchen. Gators must be intelligent creatures. This one obviously knew where the food was.

Anyway all ended well. Animal control came and took the beast away. I’m willing to bet if she visits the kitchen in the middle of the night she’ll flip the lights on, just to make sure fridge security is no longer in place.

Photo: Associated Press


4 Responses to Gator Aid: Stay Out of the Fridge

  1. stamperdad says:

    Yes you needed one for sure. Damian is starting to need a gator.


  2. Steve – the gater picture reminds me of how you and your brother used to sneak in the kitchen “after hours” to see what could be raided! Mom

  3. stamperdad says:

    That would bave been upsetting for sure. Not as bad as a gator though. Appreciate the comment. Thanks


  4. Wonder how it got into the house?
    A few years ago my mother entered her bedroom and found that despite three dogs on watch, a wild rabbit had entered the house and climbed onto her bed. I don’t know who was more frightened. We never could tell how it got past all the security. Odd things happen I guess.

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