Polygamy: Top Tens Reasons I Want Nothing To Do With It

Having more than one wife I’m sure would have some advantages. Now I can just hear the male readers thinking of the obvious, but when I really think about it – No Way! I love having one and have no desire for more. Here are my top ten reasons to stay in a monogamous marriage (tongue-in-cheek of course!),

1. Being nagged in mono is bad enough.

2. Nagging in stereo is an unthinkable concept.

3. One set of in-laws is adequate.

4. With the number of shoes in the closet from one wife — well you get the idea.

5. PMS once a month is sufficiently stressful.

6. Keeping one woman happy is ample challenge for me.

7. I buy too much bathroom tissue already.

8. More wives would mean more children – enough already!

9. One anniversary to remember is plenty.

10. I would never get to watch sports.


8 Responses to Polygamy: Top Tens Reasons I Want Nothing To Do With It

  1. Hey Stamperdad

    The only item I would change would be the closet.. I think in pologamy there are several bedrooms and the women aren’t allowed to buy shoes.. Did you see the garb they wear? 🙂

    Funny. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Glad I found this site and NOT my husband. LOL good one you did well..Love your comeback to Kathleens comment. Your wife is a lucky woman. 🙂

  3. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Kathleen, not to knock your choice, but I find no need at all for anything else. The special woman I have is truly the love of my life.


  4. […] Inaction – I love the wit of Amy Mullis!  When I grow up, I want to be just like her! Polygamy: A Top Ten List – Think more wives means more of all the good stuff in life?  Steve reminds us of all the other […]

  5. Mada says:

    I had to call Rick into the room for this one! Very well done!!

  6. Kathleen says:

    You should check out polyamory, then. One wife if you want, and as many girlfriends as you like. They have their own toilet paper, their own closets, and you might never even have to meet her parents. 😛

  7. stamperdad says:

    Tongue-in-cheek Cindy, tongue-in-cheek!!


  8. Cindy Davis says:

    Steve I don’t do any of those things!!! Also, I think your in-laws are pretty darn good to you. Cindy

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