Do-It-Again Dad – Stupid Things People Say

I am soon to be 59 years young. My first marriage failed, but not until I had two wonderful daughters. Then I was single-again for 14 years. During this time I had a blast, but there was always something missing. I had a hole in my heart.

Then I met the love of my life, my true soulmate. It didn’t matter to either of us that she was 20 years younger than me. She had been married before and also needed to find her soulmate.

She had always wanted children and although I didn’t feel that need, I loved her deeply and her happiness was the most important thing to me. We now have a six-year old son, and four-year old twin daughters. I can’t imagine my life without these new little ones. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned people like to toss out offhanded remarks. Now I’m sure these are not intended to be cruel, but they do grate on us. Here are some things that others, who have absolutely no concept of my life situation, like to say,

Comment: You just did this to stay young?
Answer: NO I did not, and what is it to you anyway.

Comment: Oh yeah you robbed the cradle with your young wife.
Answer: No I didn’t go looking for a younger woman. The point is we got married because in this life you only get so many chances at love and when you find happiness you grab it. By the way don’t ever let my wife hear you say this.

Comment: Sure glad it’s you and not me with three young kids at your age.
Answer: You know you’re right – I’m glad its me and not you too.
(My wife and I consider this to be the stupidest comment we get.)

Comment: How do you manage at your age? It will lead you to an early grave.
Answer: So what, I have more love in my life now that I’ve ever had before.

Cindy, my wife, is beautiful in every way and my true partner in this life. My children from my previous marriage and the little ones I have now bring me joy and love. The best legacy a person can leave behind is his or her children.

Cindy if you are reading this, I love you with all my heart and all my soul. Forever and always.

8 Responses to Do-It-Again Dad – Stupid Things People Say

  1. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments. It is especially nice to get the personal experience of others.

    Nice hearing from you and keep up those good posts on your blogs too.


  2. Dennis Price says:

    I have a cousin who did the same thing as you. He is wonderfully happy and says the only time it gets complicated is when his grown children are visiting and he has to intorduce his family to strangers. His grandkids and latest kids are about the same age. My grandfather was widowed at forty and his oldest child was eighteen. He married a young woman who was eighteen and had two more children. His eighteen year old son said he had to leave because having a mother the same age as he was too stressful.

  3. This was a lovely piece of writing. People can be tactless sometimes but all that matters is that you can digest the thoughtless words and move on while knowing you’re happy and right (as this post indicates.) Nothing else matters.
    Very nice.

  4. Cindy Davis says:

    wow how wonderful. I love you sooooo much Cindy xoxooxox You are the best Dad and husband ever!!!

  5. stamperdad says:

    Thanks Kathleen. Appreciate the kind comments


  6. Kathleen says:

    Seems that I am not alone in the semi-alternative lifestyle kind of thing. Sure, it may be different, having children with a much younger woman, but that by NO MEANS makes it wrong. It’s wonderful that you’re so happy.

  7. stamperdad says:

    Mada thanks for the kind comment. Yes they do keep me busy, but the love I get in return more than makes up for the hectic life.


  8. Mada says:

    You know, if having kids later in life does drive you to an early grave, you’ll be going with a smile on your face. It’s obvious you’re a loving, devoted husband and father. If anything, those three are going to keep you from ever having time to dwell on your age!

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