Barack and Hillary: Showdown in Texas and Ohio

March 4, this coming Tuesday – will it solve anything in the race for the Democratic nomination? Primaries and caucuses are taking place in Texas and Ohio, key states because there are large numbers of delegates at stake. Neither state is a winner take all election. The allocation of delegates to the candidates will be based on percentage of the vote in the primaries. This means that unless one candidate wins an overwhelming percentage of the votes the total delegate count will still be very close. Right now in the polls, Obama and Clinton are running virtually neck and neck in both states.

Texas has 193 delegates at stake in their primary and Ohio has around 100 so you can see there is a lot at stake here in the race to reach the magic number of 2,025 needed to win the nomination. It appears that this race might have to be decided at the convention it is so close.

Clinton desparately needs a convincing win in either Texas or Ohio or she may face elimination. Obama on the other hand might be able to take an insurmountable lead should he win a large percentage in one or the other. I don’t believe that will happen, but watch closely to see if one or the other can deliver a knockout blow. Democrats need to get this race decided so they can focus on the apparent Republican nominee John McCain, instead of fighting each other.

2 Responses to Barack and Hillary: Showdown in Texas and Ohio

  1. stamperdad says:

    Yes it sure is a horse race this year and is far from over. I think Hillary is a strong enough woman that Bill won’t be interferring. Keep him away from the White House interns though.


  2. You’ve always been interested in American history, so it’s not surprising that you are following this race closely . Now that Hillary has taken Ohio and Texas, it’s becoming more interesting to everybody, even me!! I don’t think I would give Clinton my vote as I don’t like the idea of her husband rambling around the White House and it would be impossible for him not to interfere with her trying to run the country.

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