First Boomer Collects Social Security

kathy1.jpgKathy Casey-Kirschling became the first U.S. baby boomer to collect Social Security on February 13, 2008. She is the vanguard of 80 million other baby boomers in the United States. Canada also has the same large group of these post-WW II babies.

The challenge will be to the health care system and the government pension plans. Will the plans be adequate to look after the needs of this large group of citizens?

Baby boomers have worked hard for the last forty years or more and now are at or nearing retirement age. I am in that group at age 58. In 2009 I will worked full-time for 40 years. I think in all that time I was unemployed involuntarily for about two weeks.

I have a message for the young people of today. Save for your retirement early, even if it is just small amounts to start. The last 40 years have flown by for me, they will for you too. We aren’t here for a long time. To have a good time including in your later years start planning early.

Co-incidently Kathy was born one second after midnight January 1, 1946 and is officially considered the first baby boomer to be born. She retired at age 60 and has been giving back to the community through volunteer work.

2 Responses to First Boomer Collects Social Security

  1. stamperdad says:

    Thanks for the comment Gayle. Yes I thought so too, but apparently not. I have to check into Canada yet, but likely someone is.


  2. Enjoyed your article. I somehow thought that baby boomers wer already collecting Social Security. Good advice to generation X and beyond.

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