Romney Drops Out – McCain is Likely Nominee

February 7, 2008

romney.jpgThis just in – Mitt Romney has dropped out of the Republican race for the presidential nomination. This leaves Senator John MCain of  Arizona as the probable nominee of his party. The only competition left is Mike Huckabee who has limited support.

Romney surprised everyone with his announcement because he was in second place with 286 delegates and was likely to be a strong opponent for McCain who has 714 delegates. Mitt would likely not have won the nomination in the end though, and he has done the right thing for his party by eliminating a long battle. He gave as his reason the need to unite the Republican party against the Democrats as soon as possible.

I’m sure he also saw the Democrats being weakened by a long drawn out battle for their nomination. Because of this the correct strategy is to give up a losing battle, and unite the party behind McCain.

John McCann at 72 years of age will get a chance to win the White House. If he is elected he will be the oldest president to take office. By January 2009 he will be 73 years of age. This means that at the end of his first term in January 2013 he will be 77 years old, and if he were to go two terms would be 81 by the time he left office. My message to the Republicans is this, make sure you take great care in the selection of McCain’s vice presidential running mate. This person could easily be called upon to become president. I predict that if John McCain does become president, he will be only a one-term president. That would mean that four years from now another wide open election campaign might happen.

How about Mitt Romney as McCain’s running mate? I don’t think this is likely because McCain needs the support of the conservative wing of his party and Romney is certainly not conservative.

The other possibility, of course, is that the Democrats will win the White House with either Hillary or Barack becoming the president. I still think that is the most likely outcome.

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