Black Cats I Have Known

November 1, 2007

blackcat-lilith.jpgFor far too long black cats have been ostracized. They are not bad luck, nor are they evil. Two of the nicest cats I have owned have been black.

The first one was Felix and he was just the most beautiful cat and so affectionate. Everything about him was to love. One time our family went away for two weeks on vacation. At the time we lived in a mobile home court and had no one to look after him. We did have a partially enclosed porch though, so we left a self-dispensing food and water container for him and a nice warm bed. All of this was out of the weather. When we returned Felix was no where to be found. Several weeks later he showed up out of the blue meowing and talking away. He apparently had been exploring the town and nearby woods. Anyway he must have kept checking back every so often for us. He was so glad to see us and immediately again became part of the family. Eventually he had to be euthanized because of a urinary tract problem common in male cats. He was up in years and had lived a good life.

Tom was another black cat that was adopted. My daughters found him and took him in. He was a beautiful long-hair black cat. So affectionate and friendly. Again another tale of a cat lost and found. He wandered off one time and then they moved. They kept coming back looking for him, but no luck. A year or so later he was spotted in the old neighborhood. They picked him up and asked if I could take him in because they had already gotten another cat. I had a soft spot for old Tom so took him in. He made friends with my cat Zippy and they got along quite well. By this time Tom was getting old. One day I arrived home and walked by the chair where he was curled up. I said hi to him which he usually answered with a deep, friendly meow, this time nothing. A sinking feeling hit me. I went back and carefully stroked him, no response, he was cold and stiff. I lifted him and he was still warm underneath so he must have just quietly slipped away. The end of another fantastic friend.

black_front.jpgSo although black cats have a bad name and are in fact almost never adopted, please if you are looking for a great cat, pick a black one.

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