Cop Killer? Manhunt on for career criminal.

October 10, 2007


WANTED: Emrah Bulatci for the Murder of Police Officer John Worden

Here we go again another criminal with a lengthy criminal record is released by the justice system. Guess what? This time it came back to bite them and hard.

Constable John Worden of the RCMP detachment in Hay River, Northwest Territories paid the price for the justice system’s lax handling of these criminals.

Early Saturday morning October 6, 2007 Constable Worden was responding to a noise complaint in an area of Hay River known to be a hot-bed of crack cocaine and meth activity. He responded alone, apparently at his own choice. A few minutes later he was shot dead, most likely at the hands of Emrah Bulatci, 23. 

Bulatci was known to the RCMP and was arrested many times previously for drug and weapons charges. He was released on bail. Subsequent to that he was arrested again for breaking his conditions of bail. Was he then held without bail? No he was released again.

As this is written there is a major manhunt for Bulatci in Northern Alberta. His hometown is High Level but he has also lived previously in Edmonton and St. Albert, Alberta. Police consider him armed and dangerous. Too bad the courts didn’t.

Now Constable Worden’s family must suffer the consequences. Our hearts go out to his wife and young child.

Please if anyone has seen this individual contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police immediately. Let’s hope that this time the court system comes down hard on Bulatci.


Above: location map of Hay River, NWT downloaded from their official site.

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