No Consequences – Justice System Undermines Police

“Justice minister denies province ‘soft’ on crime”

(My comments on an article by Colette Derworiz, published in Calgary Herald, Saturday, September 8, 2007)

 The Alberta Justice Minister Ron Stevens was defending his jurisdiction’s record on law and order in the article.  Specifically here in Calgary, a rapidly growing city of one million persons, he is quite frankly full of bulls**t.

City police in their recent crackdown on gang activity in Calgary arrested 19 known gang members, all of whom have long criminal records.  I give full credit to the police force for their efforts.  However, the justice system in their so-called wisdom released 16 of the 19 back to the streets within hours to resume their criminal activity. Sure hope that they visit the neighborhood of the judge in this case.  Perhaps they can give him a first hand lesson in street crime. The justice system is so removed from the reality of street crime that I am sure they must be living on another planet far, far away.

Another example of this dreamland mentality:

Police have been working hard to make the downtown safer.  Part of this involves more foot and bike patrols.  A drug suspect was arrested in the last few days and again released back to the streets to carry on his career.  It has been confirmed that this person has 160+ prior convictions for drug activity!!!  I feel so much safer knowing that a judges has deemed that this individual won’t pose a threat to society and let him back on the streets. I don’t know about you but my children and yours are at risk here.  Hell we might as well make his activities legal.  It would sure save a lot of obviously wasted time on behalf of the police. It must be so frustrating for them.

I can just hear these criminals now.  “Hey Ed the cops are busting me, but not to worry I’ll see ya in a couple of hours, same place, I’ll bring the dope you bring the cash.”

So to the police I say keep up the good work.  To the justice system and the deluded judges in the system I say, “Get some balls and do your job!”

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